Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving With the widespread use of mobile technology, many of our clients realize that they have the ability to engage in work, pleasure or entertainment virtually at any time and any place. While technology has been a boon to efficiency and client service, it is also a time to think about how to protect each of you, especially your new drivers, from liability or worse, severe injury. We are seeing a dramatic increase in claims involving cell phone-related accidents. Preventive Measures Laws differ from state to state. Ensure that you are familiar with the laws governing your state. Set clear guidelines for the appropriate and safe use of cell phones while making calls, answer

Workman’s Compensation:  Are you protected as a business owner?

When most people think about Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims, they imagine a construction worker dropping a brick on their foot or falling off a ladder. While this image is certainly believable, there are risks in other professions. Here are some common workplace accidents: A worker trips over a cord that is not safely tied down A nurse strains her back while helping a patient An office worker slips on a file A stocking clerk drops a box on a co-worker’s head Workers’ compensation claims can arise in almost any profession and according to Insurance Journal, “struck by object” injuries are among the most common and costliest small business claims. Fortunately, that and other types o

We create the best insurance portfolio for your needs!

StartFragment There are many advantages of working with Doyle Insurance, the most important of which is customized service. We want to understand your needs and your circumstances in order to provide you with an insurance profile that makes sense. You may be concerned about auto insurance at the moment, but we discuss all of your insurance needs? Might you want us to cover your home or commercial needs? Do you need an umbrella policy for a recreational vehicle? Recently, Mass auto insurance has changed and more changes are coming and continuing. Price variations based on new rating factors is another reason why it is importance to work with a professional, Doyle Insurance broker. Insurers ne

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