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Is your home protected when you go on vacation?

As the weather finally becomes warmer in New England and our thoughts turn to vacation, we offer some quick tips to help you protect your home.

Adjust the thermostat: High temperature and humidity can damage furniture or other home contents, set your air conditioner to 85 degrees.

Protect Plumbing: Turn off the water supply to individual appliances and fixtures like your washing machine, icemaker, toilets and sinks. Flooding can occur if hoses are worn or ruptured, or if there is a leak at the connection. Don't leave appliances (dishwasher, washing machine or dryer) running when you leave, and make sure that toilets are not running.

As an extra precaution, unplug your toaster, coffee maker, microwave oven, computer and television.

Plan for High Wind : Wind storms or aggressive lightning storms and even tornadoes do happen in New England. Make sure you close and lock all doors, windows, skylights, and vents to keep out wind and wind driven rain. Look and secure outside structures such as sheds or pools to prevent damage

Protect from Thieves and Vandals

An empty house can be a tempting target for thieves and vandals. Make your house appear occupied. Put interior and exterior lights on a timer. Set the timers on staggered hours to turn lights on and off at different times. Don't advertise your vacation on social media sites. Suspend mail and newspaper delivery. Make sure someone is responsible for lawn care so that your home doesn't appear disserted.

Whether you travel extensively in the summer months for business or pleasure, have rental property that is unoccupied or share time between two homes; before closing up your house for any real length of time, take the necessary steps to keep it safe and protected.

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