Umbrellas are used for more than just a rainy day!

You may need an umbrella for more than just a rainy day. Try to imagine the following scenario-you're in traffic on your way to the Cape or the mountains of Maine. Your kids start yelling at each other in the backseat. Your attention shifts from the road to them for a brief second and before you know it, you've rear-ended the car in front of you. You ask yourself, "Will my auto insurance fully cover this fender-bender? Your personal auto policies will have limits, but having an umbrella insurance policy can cover the unexpected. At Doyle Insurance, we want to make sure our clients are prepared for everything. In many cases, an umbrella insurance policy can help do just that. Not exact

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance policies provide two basic kinds of coverage: physical damage and personal liability coverage. Choosing the right insurance policy is much like choosing the right mobile home. You want it to fit your needs and lifestyle, but you also want the insurance coverage to fit within your budget. These coverage options are available for rental mobile homes, commercial mobile homes, mobile homes that are used seasonally, or mobile homes located in a park or on private property. If you already have auto or homeowners insurance and need mobile home insurance you may be eligible for a discount. Physical Damage Physical damage coverage pays for accidental damage to your mobile home,

Car Insurance Rates After an Accident from

Like with most car insurance situations, there's no simple rule for how much your insurance rates go up after an accident. Whether you're at fault or not at fault in an accident, changes in your rates vary by insurance company and by state, says Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for In addition to worrying if your rate will increase, you may also wonder what to do after an accident. It's wise to exchange the following information with the other driver: name, name of car owner, names of passengers, vehicle make, model and license plate number and the insurance company name, policy number and number for claims filing. Call the police, and if possible, get a police report. How much doe

Apartment Owner Insurance

As an apartment building owner, does your insurance cover you from both risks of a natural disaster? A natural disaster can have perilous consequences for you - ruining both your property and your monthly income. You need adequate Massachusetts apartment owner's insurance to ensure your financial survival. As an Massachusetts apartment owner both your property and your income are at risk. Because unlike a homeowner, if disaster strikes you will not only lose the value of your property but you may also potentially lose rental income due to repairs or permanent structure damage. You're probably wondering how much this type of comprehensive coverage will cost? Surprisingly little. Massachusetts

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