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Doyle Insurance, Danvers, MA


Typically our clients are aware of the need to cover their home, auto and business insurance needs.  Did you know, however, that you can also insure other personal possessions.  You may be an outdoor enthusiast and own recreational vehicles. You may love the ocean and own a boat or you may enjoy the thrill of an all terrain vehicle.  Our clients are diverse and so are their interests.   At Doyle Insurance, we can provide you with high quality coverage to protect those personal items that bring you enjoyment.


Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance
Doyle clients that own recreational vehicles are likely to be out on the road and may travel through different states.  Your recreational vehicle needs to be insured as well as your daily driver.  Typically, your financial investment in the RV is a large investment.  You need to protect your RV in the event that unpredictable disasters strike.  RV coverage can be arranged by Doyle, and is often merged with your current auto policy.  Combining this coverage sometimes provides you with a substantial discount. 


Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is essential.  Boats are exposed to weather and daily elements no matter where it is, and it may also be exposed to vandalism or worse.  Remember that your homeowner’s policy does not cover your boat whether it is on your property at the time is vandalized or stolen.  At Doyle our brokers know how to protect you with the appropriate supplemental coverage to ensure your boat is protected. 


Umbrella Policies

Umbrella insurance gives you extra liability coverage that exceeds your homeowners, car, or boat policy.  The best way to get full coverage is to speak with a Doyle agent.  We are in the best position to compare policies, and obtain multiple quotes from top level carriers. 

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