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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

With the widespread use of mobile technology, many of our clients realize that they have the ability to engage in work, pleasure or entertainment virtually at any time and any place. While technology has been a boon to efficiency and client service, it is also a time to think about how to protect each of you, especially your new drivers, from liability or worse, severe injury. We are seeing a dramatic increase in claims involving cell phone-related accidents.

Preventive Measures Laws differ from state to state. Ensure that you are familiar with the laws governing your state.

Set clear guidelines for the appropriate and safe use of cell phones while making calls, answering calls, texting or following directions. Use the hands-free mode at all times while operating a vehicle so that you can keep your eyes and both hands on the wheel. In Massachusetts there is also pending legislation that you can be cited if an officer sees you looking at text messages or email while stopped at a traffic light or in heavy traffic. The laws governing cell phone use while operating a moving vehicle will continue to get stricter.

Here are the Massachusetts regulations regarding cell phone use for teen drivers:

Ban of all handheld cellphones. All of Massachusetts neighboring states have cell phone driving laws, with the enactment of New Hampshire’s law in the summer of 2015.

Current prohibitions:

  • Text messaging banned for all drivers, as well as other Internet-related activities. Fines: $100 (first offense), then $250, then $500.

  • Cell phone use prohibited for drivers under 18, as well as use of other mobile electronics. Fines as above, plus graduated license suspensions.

At Doyle Insurance, we care about your well-being. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We would be happy to discuss auto insurance coverage for your new drivers.

Thanks, Sean

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