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Workman’s Compensation:  Are you protected as a business owner?

When most people think about Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims, they imagine a construction worker dropping a brick on their foot or falling off a ladder. While this image is certainly believable, there are risks in other professions. Here are some common workplace accidents:

  • A worker trips over a cord that is not safely tied down

  • A nurse strains her back while helping a patient

  • An office worker slips on a file

  • A stocking clerk drops a box on a co-worker’s head

Workers’ compensation claims can arise in almost any profession and according to Insurance Journal, “struck by object” injuries are among the most common and costliest small business claims. Fortunately, that and other types of workplace injury risks can be managed through sufficient insurance coverage and safety measures.

In most states Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a necessary safeguard. Worker’s Compensation can cover injuries and illnesses your employee may suffer because of the work they do. Typically, the policy may help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and disability pay (if the employee ends up unable to work).

If you are one of our clients and you are a business owner it is wise to discuss your circumstances with us. Our brokers will be able to guide you as to the type of coverage you need to protect yourself and others. If you are unsure, give us a call. We would be happy to review your specific situation and advise you about the best protective coverage.

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