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Prom Safety Tips for Parents

Attending the prom is one of many highlights for teens. For many teens, prom night is one of the first opportunities to feel like Hollywood royalty sauntering down the red carpet decked out in tuxes and gowns. In order to make certain that your teens are safe, we offer the following tips for you to consider.

  • Be sure your teenager has a fully charged cellphone in the car.

  • Before they leave for the night, make sure you have their complete itinerary, including where, when and who they will be with and their contact information. (Any answer that implies that she will "just be driving around" is not an acceptable prom safety answer.)

  • Decide on a curfew that is equal to your teenager's level of responsibility.

  • Express your trust in them while discussing the dangers they might encounter.

  • Confirm the location of any after-prom parties, who will be there and if they will be supervised by an adult. Unsupervised parties are an invitation for underage drinking and drug use.

Another way to relieve worry about prom safety is by renting a limousine and driver for the evening or serving as a driver yourself. It might be worth the cost or the effort on your part to be sure that your kids have fun but always have a responsible driver behind the wheel.

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