Is your home protected when you go on vacation?

As the weather finally becomes warmer in New England and our thoughts turn to vacation, we offer some quick tips to help you protect your home. Adjust the thermostat: High temperature and humidity can damage furniture or other home contents, set your air conditioner to 85 degrees. Protect Plumbing: Turn off the water supply to individual appliances and fixtures like your washing machine, icemaker, toilets and sinks. Flooding can occur if hoses are worn or ruptured, or if there is a leak at the connection. Don't leave appliances (dishwasher, washing machine or dryer) running when you leave, and make sure that toilets are not running. As an extra precaution, unplug your toaster, coffee mak

Summer Backyard Safety Tips

The cold weather is finally moving out and it's time to enjoy the warmer weather. Summer in New England is a time for cooking out, relaxing, and enjoying your family and friends. At Doyle Insurance, we want you to enjoy the sun and the fun. Here are some summer backyard safety tips so you can focus on relaxing. Grilling Outdoor grilling is great but there are some serious risks. The National Fire Protection Association reports that nearly 9,000 home fires per year involve grills. Here are steps to take for a safer backyard cookout. Choose a safe location for your grill. Your grill should be outside to prevent carbon-monoxide buildup. It should be on a level surface more than ten feet away

Prom Safety Tips for Parents

Attending the prom is one of many highlights for teens. For many teens, prom night is one of the first opportunities to feel like Hollywood royalty sauntering down the red carpet decked out in tuxes and gowns. In order to make certain that your teens are safe, we offer the following tips for you to consider. Be sure your teenager has a fully charged cellphone in the car. Before they leave for the night, make sure you have their complete itinerary, including where, when and who they will be with and their contact information. (Any answer that implies that she will "just be driving around" is not an acceptable prom safety answer.) Decide on a curfew that is equal to your teenager's level of r

What Causes Flooding and Will my Homeowners Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Other than fire, there is nothing more destructive to your home than water damage. If you live in New England, spring thaw and other types of extreme weather can cause major flooding. Is your home protected? What causes flooding? Large amounts of moving water can occur any time there are extreme weather conditions. Sometimes floods develop slowly and allow homeowners time to react. The common type of flood occurs when streams or rivers overflow their banks. Another type of flood is caused after a heavy rain or sudden snowmelt. Flash floods. Named appropriately, flash floods can happen in minutes after a heavy rainfall. Hurricanes. If you live along coastal New England, you are very familia

Get insurance designed for RVs

Get the full value (not depreciated) if you need to replace damaged components-including awnings and tires-covered by Comprehensive and Collision. Earn lower deductibles for each claim-free policy period with the Disappearing Deductibles feature. Get even more for your money, as Comprehensive and Collision includes Pet Injury coverage, Emergency Vacation Expense coverage, Trailer coverage, and Vacation Liability coverage. Then, consider optional, added protection to customize the perfect policy. Higher levels of Emergency Vacation Expense coverage, Trailer coverage, and Vacation Liability coverage. Personal Effects coverage. We'll pay the full cost (no depreciation) of personal items that ge

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