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Safer Home Discounts

In general, homeowners' insurance covers damage from fire, storms, theft, and more. While many clients view insurance as a necessary evil, we may not think about insurance as a financial investment. By doing the right things to protect you and your family, you may also enjoy cost savings on your home insurance policy.

In a recent poll conducted by TRUSTED CHOICE the national survey found that over 34% of responders did not know about all of the homeowner insurance discounts available to them. Educate yourself today, to find hidden ways to save money while enhancing the safety of your home.

Some things to consider:

Home Security: Do you live in a gated community? If you do, gated communities may be entitled to a discount for some providers. Do you have a home security system in place? Does the system alert the police department? A security system can

save up to 15% on your policy depending on the provider. Do you have dead-bolt locks? These can also be a potential cost savings.

Fire Safety. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are critical to the safety of your home and they are possible cost savers. For fire protection, a sprinkler system, heat detectors, fire escapes and fire extinguishers are important elements considered for possible cost savings.

Flammable Storage. Are all flammable materials outside of the home in a cool temperature to avoid over-heating? This step helps to eliminate the possibility of fire risk.

Home Maintenance. Have you had recent updates to your home's electrical system. Has your roof been updated or repaired to resist hail? Is your roof graded as a Class 4? (Roof ratings are classified Class 1 through 4.) Class 4 roofs are often eligible for a discount.

Have you had recent work completed on your plumbing system? New pipes may qualify for a cost savings. Are handrails installed along all of your staircases? If you have a pool, is it protected with a fence at a gate? Each of these safety measures may count toward insurance deductions.

Older homes can be retrofitted with materials that make them more weather resistant.

Policyholder Discounts. If you haven't filed an insurance claim in the last 10 years you may want to ask about a discount. Homeowners who have not made a claim can often receive as much as a 20% reduction in rates. Bundling your home insurance with other policies can also be a cost saver. You might also consider raising your deductible which can lower your premium, but make sure that makes sense for your personal situation.

If you feel that any of the activities listed apply to you, please give our office a call. We can review your current policy and make sure you receive all of your entitled discounts.

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