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Dangerous Animal Collisions

Recently, Farmers Insurance published a document on the amount of animal collisions that occur in the fall on US highways. Surprisingly, more than 36% of auto claims come from animal collisions. According to Farmers Insurance, “ animal migration patterns, especially among larger animals such as deer and elk results in a 67% increase of animal collisions during the fall months.”

Farmers has also provided the following tips for drivers who may live in areas where deer and elk are more likely to venture on to our roadways. These tips while valuable when thinking about animal collisions are simply good driving habits.

  • Tune the radio, set the GPS and avoid the use of cell phones while you are driving. Simply eliminate any distractions

  • It is difficult to see animals at dusk or early evening. If at all possible, avoid driving at night.

  • Make sure you follow the speed limit. It takes three times as long to come to a full stop when you are driving over the speed limit. If you are facing a 500 pound deer, moose or elk, you want to be able to control your speed and be able to seek an alternative way to get around the animal.

  • Animals tend to cross the road from one side or the other. Driving in rural areas, we advise moving your car to the center lane. It provides you with the opportunity to see an animal crossing in time to make a reasonable decision for your safety and the safety of your passengers.

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