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College Student Insurance Needs

For many, sending their children off to college is typically a time of great pride filled with anticipation, anxiety and thoughts of the days when they were completely under your protection. The years do pass quickly as we longingly think about the toddler whose hand you held so tightly as you bundled them off to pre-school.

We know that it is time to let go and allow your child to experience real independence and growth. We hope that we have provided the right tools and that they will make the right decisions.

Regardless, you need to make sure that your child is fully protected as it relates to common insurance coverage. At Doyle Insurance, we want to make sure that we provide you with some thoughts about activities you need to remember in order to ensure that your college students have the appropriate insurance coverage.

At Doyle Insurance we want to provide you with some guidelines on what you may need to consider with regard to auto or home/or renter’s insurance.

Auto Insurance

Some of our clients believe that once their child is off to college they should be dropped from their auto insurance. We want to caution parents to think about those impromptu visits home for the holiday break or if he is asked to be the designated driver at a college function away from home. One can never predict the circumstances, but we highly recommend that you maintain coverage for your college driver whether they have an automobile at school or not.

Here are the advantages of maintaining insurance coverage:

  • The student is protected whether they are home for a visit or driving a friend’s car while on campus

  • Your child is fully protected in the event of an accident while a passenger or advantage while walking through campus

  • Maintaining coverage has cost advantages when the student finally gets their own insurance policy.

You may also apply for “Distant Student Discount” if your child attends college 75 miles or more away from home.

If your student does take a car to school, please notify us of the garaging address as the new address may save you money. Please contact us if your college student is going to school out of state as we want to make sure that your coverage meets the requirements of that particular state. If a student owns a vehicle and the title, the student must have their own policy.



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