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Auto Insurance—Did you know?

Did you know that no two auto policies are exactly the same? In order to ensure that you have the appropriate coverage, we need to understand your unique coverage needs. We ask questions so that we can navigate the best coverage for your situation? Do you have a new driver? Do you insure more than one vehicle? Do we carry both auto and home insurance which might save you money? These questions serve as the foundation for providing you with the best protection possible and the greatest value.

The insurance industry is complicated and requires that agents take in to consideration how best to needs. You can certainly go to the internet and get a quote and may be blown away by the cost, but typically these quotes do not take in to account your entire insurance needs.

Depending on your individual situation, it may make sense to consider insuring your automobile with a policy that goes beyond collision insurance coverage and provides you with more than just collision coverage. Not knowing the difference could mean you will be spending money for certain situations that you thought were covered and in fact, are not.

We advise each client to make a call and speak with one of our customer service representatives or brokers that will be happy to research your unique needs and make sure we provide you with a quote that offers the best coverage as well as the best value.



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