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Celebrating on a Boat This Summer? Prepare with Essential Safety Tips

Celebrating on a Boat This Summer? Prepare with Essential Safety Tips

The weather is getting better and better and means that it is time to think about how to be safe while enjoying summer activities. Celebrating graduations, birthdays, anniversaries or just simply what to party, make sure you are equipped with simple tips to make sure you are safe for the entire season.

Avoid Overcrowding

Be careful of overloading your boat. This plan could jeopardize the safety of guests and yourself. The U.S. Coast Guard has specific guidelines as to the maximum capacity for person’s capacity in pounds and maximum weight capacity for gear. Adhering to specific regulations will ensure the boat maintains a proper load for operating.

Maintain Safe Electrical Equipment

Sound systems, decorative lighting, and small appliances are popular items used for boat parties. Reduce the risk of potential fire hazards by inspecting the equipment for damaged wiring before use. Make sure the equipment is not overloading the boat’s electrical circuits to prevent fires.

Have Life Jackets and an Emergency Kit Ready

Whether your guests are enjoying the view or casting off from the boat or participating in water activities, make sure there are life jackets for each attendee. Make sure the life jackets fit properly. Refer to the U.S. Coast Guard recommendations for life jackets. Please make sure you have an emergency kit on board containing first aid items to prepare the boat for any minor accidents that could occur.

Review Your Boating Insurance Policy

Dreams of a boat gathering could diminish without having the proper boating insurance policy. Examine your policy and make sure everything is up to date. Make sure you’re aware of the coverage period before setting sail. Knowing your insurance policy navigation limits are helpful in determining which travel zones are permitted. Boat insurance plans cover only certain waterways based on boat size. Check your insurance policy every boating season to make any necessary policy changes.

If you need help, please give us a call, we’ll be happy to review your policy with you. Enjoy your summer!



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