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Prevent Accidents, Save Lives, and SAVE MONEY !!!

Clients call our office everyday and ask how can I save on auto insurance? There are many different strategies to lower your auto insurance bill ( quote different companies, reduce coverage, apply discounts etc ) My favorite strategy is to urge clients to attend the In Control Crash Prevention Course sponsored by the Safe Roads Alliance.

The In Control course is a fun, interactive, hands on course that will teach drivers, new and old, how to avoid a crash. Driver error is responsible for 77% of all traffic accidents. New drivers have a 43% chance of an accident in the first year, and 37% in their second year of driving.

The In Control Crash Prevention Course can lower these numbers by up to 70% !!! The course will produce a better driver, less likely to cause damage to property. This course also SAVES LIVES !

Our agency has sent over 100 clients to this course, and the feedback has been terrific. Drivers, young and old, enjoy the "hands on" experience, and feel more confident behind the wheel afterwards.

As a bonus, this course will allow you to lower your insurance premiums. Prevent accident, saves lives, and save money.....where's the downside ?

Call or email us if you wish to receive more info on this great program.

We would be happy to discuss auto insurance coverage for your new drivers.

Thanks, Sean

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